Monday, January 7, 2013


And I've probably doomed this site to p0rn spambot invasions with the above title. But, creativity must not be hampered by externalities. Especially when the subject matter is buttocks:

Batman discovers early on that Batgirl is hard of hearing. Which is ok; he's not only cool with disabilities and wardrobe malfunctions, but can invent all kinds of cool shit to cope with these sorts of situations.

...That's Nate's cue to draw something horribly inappropriate for the next post.


  1. Ha. And I just realized, here's a post with Batgirl and booty, and Chris labeled his previous post Das Boot. Do you see the synergistic creativity Team 2 possesses? DO YOU?!!

  2. The symbol is genius, and then I saw the butt-shaped mask... lol

  3. I try to keep the genius (read: lechery) subtle.