Thursday, January 24, 2013


i was lazy and modeled the gotham license after a california license. whee!!!

and i imagined him screaming at the DMV guy like this


  1. As the song goes: Cold toilet seats, dentist chairs, and trips to the DMV. Not even Batman has the power to overcome them.

    Very cool drawings.

  2. This is great! That's all it took all these years to find him out... like the police run the background registration on the batmobile and:

    "Hey Dave, lookit this. Ran the plates. Batman is Bruce Wayne."

    "No waaay. How could a billionaire playboy who rolls around in an expensive car, boat and jet be THE Batman who rolls around at night in an expensive car, boat and je... wait a minute."

  3. The funniest part about these drawings is that Batman is an organ donor. lol