Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 realz, 1 time, open chest

I'm amazed no one's harped on this yet. Batman tag.

I'm shaking my head right now.

I also have to shake my head at this. They might as well be calling themselves Poplock & Sons Insurance Co.


  1. I'm more impressed that I was able to render two buttcracks into a single illustration and have a legitimate reason for it this time.

  2. ha! it never dawned on me either til now. i hope you've graduated to just using a mouse to do these now, too.

  3. poplock and son's insurance? on mlk blvd? right next to crip walk financial?


    1. No no; you have to drag the s out and drop the t at the end: Racissss'. It's like French, only without all the extraneous -eax's, -ent's, and little white flags for approaching Germans.

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